Jane Kenyon was born in Canada in 1953 and currently works in her home studio in West Vancouver. She began her working life as a medical doctor but had always been drawn to a career in visual arts. In 1993, she began working as an artist full-time.

The majority of Jane Kenyon’s earlier art career has been in the medium of fibre art, concentrating on contemporary embroidery. However, several years ago her work took a significant turn and she is now deeply immersed in non-objective painting. The immediate, intuitive process of painting contrasts strongly with the slow, meditative fibre processes.

While deeply influenced by her environment in the Pacific Northwest, Kenyon’s paintings have become abstract, each painting a study of colour and contrast. The palette changes as she paints layer upon layer, obscuring what exists below. The process often feels careless and haphazard, but also passionate and engaging.

Her art has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, US, Europe, Korea and Beijing, and has been published in fibre journals and books internationally.

Kenyon’s artwork, including fibre, works on paper and on canvas, can be found in public, corporate and private collections in Canada, US and Korea.